Trail Guide (page 2)

Sign posts                                  wood
by Tiiu Kirispuu (Estonia)            2010 
'The wood I found in the canal yard and the words in English, Welsh and Estonian are about the canal and what I have seen here.' 
Net form                      steel and wood
by Ben Carpenter (England)         2010
'The upright is an old balance beam from a canal lock gate and I've added a net form to represent the canal and animal life in it.'
Framework                        local beech
by Trevor Clarke (England)          2010
'I've tried to reflect the growth of the beech and the structure of the canal in a piece which is interesting to look through.'
Aquaduct                      steel and wood
by Tom Gilhespy (Wales)              2010
'I've wanted to represent a canal aquaduct linking two sides of the valley and cutting through the landscape'
Boat form                                    steel
by Pal Lakatos (Hungary)            2010
'This form is like a bow of a boat and represents the opening out of challenging experiences ahead.'
Pattern                               local beech
by Rosemary Terry (England)       2010
'I took inspiration for this piece from the wooden patterns in the canal yard which were used to cast the iron canal structures.'
 Canal boat                                   steel
by Nathanial Barrett (England)     2010
(2010 Scholarship winner     
'The landscape can be viewed through the perspective of the canal tunnel and the framework of the canal boat.'
Shoal of fish                                steel
by Anton Sobrino & Mercedes Cano
(Spain)                                        2010

'Each piece was made and welded together in the old forge at the canal yard.'

 see the Trail Map for number references