Trail Guide (page 4)

Three pieces of the original Extramuros exhibition were made specifically for Ellesmere and had originally been positioned in the Cremorne gardens. Since 2008 these three pieces have been looked after by the Ellesmere Primary School.
Now, at the beginning of 2012 we have returned and installed these sculptures to the park to join the Ellesmere Sculpture Trail.
The three pieces are:
  Bindweed                               steel    
     by Junko Mori
     and Chris Stokes                      2007
     (sculpture No 19 on Trail Map)

Ellesmere Pillar          copper & wood
     by Richard Taylor                       2007
     (sculpture No 21 on Trail Map).

 Ellesmere Chronicle       stone & bronze
  by Irene Brown                             2007
  (three stones sculpture No 20 on Trail Map)
see the Trail Map for number references