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Glacial menhir granite

by Louis Alfonso (Portugal) 2009

'This is a communication between the soil, land and Mere.'

Rotation 2 granite

by Trevor Clarke (England) 2009

'This reflects the life history of the rock on its journey here.'

A prisoner granite

by Tom Gilhespy (Wales) 2009

'This rock has been moved from the north by glacier and I've chained it down now'

Dialogue slate

by Pal Lakatos (Hungary) 2009

'This represents the layers of rock moving against each other.'

Puerto del aqua sandstone

by Emiliano Sacco (Argentina) 2009

'I've tried to show the relationship between rock and water'

El mundo sandstone

by Soledad Sacco (Argentina) 2009

'A new world where everyone works in harmony with the environment, like ants.'

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