About ESi

In 2006 Ellesmere was chosen as the UK centre for an ambitious international touring exhibition of sculpture in the landscape. The exhibition 'Extramuros' was launched in Ellesmere in March 2007 and toured Spain and Portugal until the summer of 2008.

Members of the local community then set up the Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative which developed the vision of an annual event of international contemporary artists making site specific sculpture, using materials from the local environment, and to site them around Ellesmere.

The aim is to place the sculptures from each year's artists around Ellesmere to form the basis of a sculpture trail which will enhance the magnificent landscape for visitors and local residents.

Sculpture in the landscape

Sculpture, a three dimensional art form sits well in outdoor locations, especially where there are contrasting shapes and textures in the landscape. With its particular form and material, an individual sculpture can complement or contrast with its location.

When placing art in the landscape we set out to use these qualities to enhance certain settings through careful selection and siting. Sculpture in the landscape can change the experience of a familiar setting, give a little known area of natural beauty a wider profile and bring art to a new audience.