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David Lloyd

                                                    David relaxes and goes conkers
Sculptor David Lloyd from Carmarthan, midWales, has finally finished and installed his commissioned piece for the Cremorne Gardens part of the Ellesmere Sculpture Trail. Taking inspiration from the Horse Chestnut fruit (Conkers), of which there are always a lot in the park, David has sculptured a work which resembles an opened conker shell with the conker inside.
Appropriately the wood comes from a Horse Chestnut tree which once grew in the Cremorne Gardens and had to be felled. David has worked the wood to expose the grain and especially the knots of branches which he has used for the 'spikes' of the fruit and also for the 'conker'. The outer surface of the sculpture has been scorched black for a contrast and to help preserve it.
The sculpture rests on the other half of the Chestnut stump and acts as an interesting seat to look out across the Mere. 
This piece is the third in the series of sculptures for this part of Ellesmere commissioned by Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative and with the help from the Shropshire Council's Mere Park managers.
David worked on the sculpture in the vacinity of the Cremorne Gardens over the two weeks at the end of November/beginning of December. Fortunately the weather only changed for the worst at the end of his stay.
Sculpture No.17 on Trail Map
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