The aim of the Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative is to populate a trail around the Ellesmere landscape with sculptures, initially produced during three annual international symposia. The Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative continues with the current

2021 Sculptures and Labyrinth project (ran from 2018-2021)

2015 Willow Project, an environmental project for Cremone Gardens.

2013 Town Hall, ESI commissioned this piece for the front of the Town Hall.

2012 Canal Etchings, views of particular landscapes at each of five sites along the canal.

Each symposium is held at a specific location and with specific materials; both reflecting a major aspect of the unique area around the town.

2011 symposium, based by the Mere in the Cremorne Gardens and used wood mainly from local trees.

2010 symposium, based in the Canal Maintenance Yard, used wood and metal traditional to canals.

2009 symposium, based in at Wood Lane sand and gravel quarry, used glacial boulders from the quarry.

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