2011 Symposium

Four sculptors were selected to produce sculpture pieces using fallen and standing wood that was located in or near the Cremorne Gardens at the Mere at Ellesmere. To achieve this ESI worked closely with the Shropshire Council Mere Management team and Conservation Officers to ensure public safety and care of the habitat. The completed pieces were added to the existing Sculpture in the Landscape Trail around the town. The sculptures are made in direct response to the environment into which they are placed - a continuing unique theme of the Ellesmere Sculpture Trail.

The four pieces were:

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'Stairway to Haven' by Rumen Dimitrov. Made from a standing beech tree stump. This piece was extremely popular but unfortunately it was removed in 2019 for reasons of safety.

'SShhh' by John Merrill. This was originally made from a lime tree felled in nearby Castlefields, and designed with the help of local school children. In 2017 this very popular sculpture had to be removed for safety reasons. However, following a successful local fund raising campaign, John Merrill was engaged to produce a new Sshhh from longer lasting oak and this was installed in its original position, now known as Sshhh corner, in April 2019.

'Conker chair' by David Lloyd. This was made from a felled horse chestnut tree from the Cremorne gardens. This piece deteriorated and eventually rotted into the ground after about five years.

'Secure' by Nick Horrigan. Made from steel and oak and designed in the form of a dropping seed with, at its kernal, a hollowed space which allows the viewer to focus on an iconic view of Ellesmere Church across the Mere.

Gallery 2011