Rumen Dimitrov

Stairway to Haven

Rumen Dimitrov, from Bulgaria, came to Ellesmere in July to start the 2011 phase of the Sculpture Trail in Cremorne Gardens.

A beech stump was selected and it took him just five days, using a chainsaw, to complete the work. Rumen cut steps out of the roots on the Mere side of the tree and removed a rectangular block of wood to create steps at the rear. The hollow that was created inside the trunk provided an elevated vantage point overlooking the Mere.

Rumen called the piece 'Stairway to Haven' after his favourite band Led Zeppelin's song.

Unfortunately, after a number of years, this popular, child friendly sculpture had to be removed for safety reasons and the remains of the tree was felled. However, it now has a new life providing a valuable wildlife habitat in Cremorne Gardens.