The Jebb Garden

The Jebb Garden Sculpture Installation

The project Children Displaced by Conflict, a commemoration of the creation of Save the Children Fund by Eglantyne Jebb, evolved and grew through community engagement. It was extended from the initial idea of a contemporary sculpture into two sculptures and a grass labyrinth and became an impactful, major art installation at the entrance to The Cremorne Gardens beside The Mere at Ellesmere. When the Artworks were installed, the positivity of the public response was such that it was decided the area should be renamed The Jebb Garden giving this Artwork a major profile. It also places The Jebb Garden Installation at the start of The Ellesmere Sculpture Trail.

1 The Sisters Nick Eames

Cement 2020

An abstract interpretation of the closeness of the two sisters is represented through the imagery of the mirror image of a split piece of kindling wood. The idea interprets the essential strength of The Sisters which enabled them to stand strong to achieve their purpose.

Above is a poem written by Tim Johnson, in light of the humanitarian crisis of the Ukraine invasion.

Click the link below to watch a 14-minute video:

The story of the Jebb Sisters, interviews with Nick Eames and John Merrel, music composed by Trixi Field.

ESI Children Dispaced by Conflict

2021: Sculptures and Labyrinth

2 Refuge John Merrill

Oak 2020

The sculpture, made of Oak to give it the longevity to last another century, represents a displaced child, seeking refuge, supporting its own shelter. This larger-than-life-size image makes an evocative and powerful statement to a wide audience.

3 Labyrinth Sculpturelogic

Grass and Granite 2020

Sculpturelogic created the labyrinth design based on a traditional form that was adapted to the site. Words in Kurdish, Syrian, Arabic scripts depicting the experience of displacement are cut into circles of black granite. The walking of the Artwork is an integral part of its experience.

Orchardfields: Ecological contractors who design and create habitat and landscape projects with an understanding of the opportunities for the installation. Orchardfields were key to the siting and sympathetic installation of the Labyrinth.

This says 'HOPE' in Syrian.

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The Trail continues into Cremone Gardens.