Ellesmere Canal

11 Bridge 58

Jason Hinklin

Etched Zinc 2013

Part of the Canal Etchings project

12 Canal Boat

Nathanial Barrett (England)

Steel 2010

(2010 Scholarship winner)

'The landscape can be viewed through the perspective of the canal tunnel and the framework of the canal boat.'

13 Ellesmere Boat

Huw Powell Roberts & Ruth Gibson

Ceramic 2008

The artists took the theme of the heritage of the canal in Ellesmere and worked with the community to create this Artwork.

14 Boat Form

Pal Lakatos (Hungary)

Steel 2010

'This form is like a bow of a boat and represents the opening out of challenging experiences ahead.'

15 Shoal of Fish

Anton Sobrino & Mercedes Cano (Spain)

Steel 2010

'Each piece was made and welded together in the old forge at the canal yard.'

16 Aqueduct Bench

Huw Powell Roberts & Ruth Gibson

Ceramic 2008

Depicts the heritage of the canal from Ellesmere to the World Heritage Site Aqueduct in Trevor.

17 Boat Fender

Huw Powell Roberts & Ruth Gibson

Ceramic 2008

Reflects the link to the Llangollen Canal

Click here for Castlefields

Turn left at the Boat Fender. Take a narrow footpath. This part of the Trail may not be accessible to all. The path leads uphill, turning left into a woodland, known as The Plantation. Work your way up and over the hill, the pathways to the right will bring you to the gate onto Sandy Lane (I take the second or the third.) Across Sandy Lane there is a stile into Castlefields. You will have views down to The Mere and behind you down to the canal and Blackwater Marina.