The Woodlands

6 Lone Bee: Caroline Lowe

Willow & Wood 2015 - 2022

An ecological sculpture with a conservation function, providing an environment for the lone bee, a threatened species. This Artwork was restored and reinstalled in 2022.

More information on this project click here: Bee Metropolis Willow Project

7 Ellesmere Chronicle: Irene Brown

stone & bronze 2007

Three Ice Age stones from Ellesmere’s Woodlane Quarry, each telling a story of local legends about The Mere, can be discovered in the woodland. The myths of spirits rising from the lake and the landscape of Meres and Mosses can be discovered here.

8 Secure: Nick Horrigan

Steel & Oak 2007

The form represents a dropping seed. The iconic Ellesmere View across The Mere to the church is secure inside the form.

9 Sshhh: John Merrill

Oak 2011/ 2018

This sculpture was originally created for a heritage project about the ecology of the Meres & Mosses using wood natural to The Mere. The original piece was carved from a fallen lime tree (limewood decays within 5 years). The idea for Sshhh came from the artist working with a class of Primary School children and their response to ‘place’. The sculpture communicated immediately and directly to visitors of all ages. When it began to decay, local people responded by fundraising to commission a second Sshhh made from oak which was installed in 2018

For more information on this sculpture and sshhh click here: 2011 Symposium

Sshhh! Don't tell everyone, we have a white squirrel!

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Walk back through the Woodlands, when you reach the playground, turn right and continue to Swan Hill road. Turn left and walk down to the roundabout where you will see the next sculpture. Take care crossing the road!