Nick Horrigan

Nick feeling 'Secure'

Nick Horrigan has finally installed his sculpture 'Secure' as the fourth and last piece of the 2011 project for the Cremorne gardens at Ellesmere. The piece is the most technical of the four sculptures and compliments the others very well.

Nick has used steel and wood, and their contrasting characteristics, to portray something of the delicate natural environment of the Cremorne Gardens and Mere. He has placed it on the edge of the Mere with a backdrop of reeds, sedges, yew tree and willow, and hopes the ground vegetation will grow around it to blend it in to the organic community.

The seed-like oak centre piece has a scorched black hole through which one gets a clear view across the water to the church. The steel framework, which secures the carved oak block, combines at the top to a single spike reminiscent of the bullrush sedges and a church spire or flagpole.

Nick is based in Nottingham and has made the oak in his studio but has involved a local blacksmith in creating the stainless steel framework and base. There is an interesting slight flexibilty in the structure which may react to the wind but which should not cause concern as the whole sculpture is bolted to a concrete base underground to provide a secure anchorage.

Sculpture No.18 on Trail Map

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